Our solutions

Pour répondre aux attentes spécifiques d’entreprises nécessitant des technologies toujours plus poussées, NiD, soutenue par son département Recherche & Développement, met au point des solutions de pointe. Conçues pour diverses industries et produits à haute valeur ajoutée, nos solutions répondent aux besoins en identification certifiée de plus en plus importants.

Gouvernment ID : Our technology provides citizens with secure mobility

NiD has been a key player in the secure identity industry for over 40 years. As a result, its customers include a number of governments. Our innovative solutions provide the ultimate in personal data protection for nationals of representative countries and substantially contribute to their global mobility.

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Credit/Debit Cards : Administering and ensuring security for banking products.

NiD provides a broad portfolio of secure services that have been specifically developed for the banking industry. These services assist customer usage and provide a maximum level of security for banking institutions, in particular by helping them tackle fraud.

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Complex cards : Technology « à la carte »

In order to incorporate complex electronics into an ISO format card that complies with banking standards, our offer is based on the conceptual notion of a card from electronic and software development to production.

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NiD_Sonar : Optimize your performance with a 360° real-time sales overview without the need for new infrastructure.

NiD is pleased to introduce NiD Sonar, its next-generation technology. Developed for brands, this innovative and intelligent solution offers companies new perspectives on the retail trade without the need for additional equipment or infrastructure costs. This system, operating worldwide on the world’s most reliable network, gives a complete overview of stock status and production flows by tracking sales information in real time.

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