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About us

NiD Sonar, the new solution that revolutionizes sell-out by providing a 360° real-time sales overview.



NiD (formerly NagraID) has become an expert in secure identification and secure data processing. NiD supplies high value added technologies to governments, businesses, the banking industry and also operates in the field of online electronic transactions.

One company, three pillars.

NiD’s expertise is split across three complementary pillars.

01 pillar Manufacture

Industrial Solutions

Secured Credit/Debit Cards
Prepaid Cards
Digital Cards
Smart Cards
Access Cards

02 pillar Personalization

Personalized Solutions
Secure ID

Secure Data Management
Magnetic Stripe
Identification numbers
Inserts (RFID chips,...)
Confidential Shipping

03 pillar Processing

Front & Back End Solutions

Secure Data Hosting
Secure Data Transfer
Credit Card Network Access
Advanced Authorization
Fraud Management

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NiD applies groundbreaking technology to a significant number of areas, including electronic identification (e-IDs), bank cards, electronic transport cards and property or people tracking solutions. Our market segments range from financial services to secure identification specifically designed for the transport, healthcare and industrial logistics industries, as well as the public sector.

Data Process

Data Process

The highest industrial know-how supporting swiss competence in personalized identification and data processing through the most efficient and secure worldwide network.

Security lies at the heart of who we are and what we do. We apply our security policy to every area of our PCI CP standard compliant infrastructure. The procedures and activities carried out on our site enable us to provide our customers with a guarantee that we can effectively manage their sensitive data and handle highly secure information.


Our news

NiD buildings are on the way to green energy.

NiD buildings are on the way to green energy.


In partnership with Viteos and ATM Global Logistics SA, we have built a photovoltaic system for the whole of our Crêt-du-Locle building.